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my journey to better skin

I started this as a bit of a blog about my experience and journey with the LumiSpa, but wanted to make an overall blog post surrounding skincare, as it has been such journey! You can see from this image how much my skin improved in just a few months


My skin just looks healthier overall, the pigmentation around my eye is almost gone, breakouts reduced massively, skin is more plump, tighter and lifted and the scarring / texture round my eyes has improved.

In the before picture I was still looking after my skin - just maybe not with the right products and before I got my  LumiSpa.

We stop producing collagen at about 25 years old, so its never to early to start taking care of your skin. 

My skin was always clear until I came off the pill a couple of years ago and suddenly I was breaking out all the time. My skin was generally quite dull, very dry and flaky, but when wearing makeup all day would become oily. My other main concern was from 2 years ago when I went to get a treatment done on my face (plasma blast) it didn't go well and resulted in a lot of scarring and hyper-pigmentation on my face and I have been trying ever since to reduce the appearance of this.

I have finally found a skincare routine that is working well for me, my breakouts have reduced massively, my skin is neither dry nor oily and my makeup lasts all day. My skin feels good, its no longer dull, it is more youthful and glowy and the appearance of my scarring has reduced and the hyper-pigmentation appears to be gone entirely.


This is my MVP (most valued product!) Twice per day to cleanse face. (Scroll down to see more about the benefits of the LumiSpa) Out of all of my skincare routine, this is the only expensive purchase I made and it has been so worth it. Regardless of the long list of other benefits, there is nothing that cleans and cleanses the face as well as this does! A properly cleansed face allows products to penetrate the skin better, as well as ensures no dirt and bacteria are there to cause breakouts.


The LumiSpa is supposed to help with scarring, pore reduction, glowing skin, plumping skin, fine lines and winkles and more. It comes with a cleanser and you can scroll down and take the skin type quiz below to find out which one you would need, as well as links to 20% off the LumiSpa are there too. You won't regret getting one! I was a little hesitant at first to spend that kind of money on something, but when I realised it was a similar price to just one treatment of Botox, it seems well worth the investment! 


UK & US Links Below: For any other countries DM me for a link with any available discounts

blemish prone skin

normal / combo skin

oily skin

dry skin

sensitive skin

I did a lot of research prior to buying the device (this was not gifted) and decided to give it a go. I'll give a bit of a background as to why I purchased this device.. first of all because it is so quick - just 2 minutes in the morning and evening..

fine lines and wrinkles: The Lumi claims to help prevent and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promotes skin renewal. Prevention is better than cure and anything that I can try to help with this I'm keen!

scarring: I have scarring on my face from a plasma blast treatment that went wrong in 2018 and I've been trying everything to improve the appearance of these. I visited a dermatologist website who had recommended this device as one of the best at-home treatments for scarring. 

skin texture The Lumi is supposed to help with skin texture, as it gently removes dead skin and shrinks pores. My skin can feel rough sometimes and I don't want to be using peels and scrubs daily as this is both time consuming and harsh on the skin. Also the Lumi is supposed to smooth out pores making makeup application smoother. 

glowing skin: The Lumi is said to give glowing radiant skin, gently. Often my skin is dull the day after a scrub or peel and I think I am maybe stripping my skin of all the natural oil and moisture. I am hoping this allows my skin to glow every day! 

blemishes: This wasn't my main concern, but I do often get blemishes along my jawline and chin. Hopefully this helps prevent these! I have seen some unbelievable before and after pictures of very blemished skin transformed. 

reviews: I was recommended the device by my friend who is a makeup artist and I trusted her opinion to begin with. Secondly I read so many amazing reviews, watched YouTube videos, saw insane before & after pictures.. all of genuine customers who were not selling this product themselves.

The Lumispa device comes with a cleanser and I choose the Normal to Combination Skin cleanser as I felt this was best for my skin. There is a quiz you can take which I have linked on this page, which helps you determine your skin type if you are unsure. 

After the first time I used the device I noticed a visible difference in my pores as they looked much smoother and smaller. The next day my skin felt incredibly smooth.


Since using the device for a number of months now, I can see and feel a massive difference in my skin. As I mentioned above, my skin has never felt cleaner and this is one of the really surprising perks of the device for me. I am constantly surprised that after removing make up how much makeup still comes off the face by using the device. From properly cleaning and cleansing my skin, this helps reduce breakouts and allows my serums to be absorbed by the skin. 

My skin is no longer dry, it glows, looks plump, healthy and even. My pores are reduced, and my fine lines and scarring are less noticeable. 

This device is not the same as a facial cleansing brush as they are extremely harsh on the skin, while the lumispa uses proprietary Micropulse Oscillation technology, a porepurifying action that draws out dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants, and toxins and lifts them away without irritating skin while helping to support healthy skin proteins.


The device is completely waterproof and made from silicone surfaces containing antimicrobial silver making it very hygienic compared to brushes which harbour bacteria in the bristles. 

I have placed links to purchase the Lumi essential kit with the various cleansers on this page with discounted purchase options for UK & USA. If you are wanting to purchase in any other countries, or wanting to add any other products, just drop me a DM or fill out the contact form here and I will send you a link with any available discounts for your country.


Here is a link to the online store with all the available products on there, if you want to browse.. 


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